Compact-Rolled Mattresses in Malaysia: A Comparison.

Posted by on July 29, 2019 .

Anyone who has offered to help a friend move house knows the pain of moving big pieces of furniture. Mattresses are one of the most tiring to move - that’s why buying one can come with high levels of stress and anxiety. In an effort to restore the joy of the arrival of a brand-new mattress, more and more companies are offering compact-rolled options.



Just to clarify, when I say compact-rolled, I’m referring to the initial packaging of the mattress. The mattress is compressed to its limit with industrial equipment, then folded and rolled up into a smaller and easy-to-carry package. You can see a sample of that process below.



With growing options, figuring out where to start can be a challenge. Of course, we’re here to help! Today, we’ll cover some of the options of compact-rolled mattresses from some of the leading brands in Malaysia, and give you a brief comparative overview to help you on your way. The brands we’ll cover are IKEA, Sonno, NeckPro (specifically their Swizz Roll range) and LAVINO’s exclusive NANOFLEXX range.


All of these brands offer mattresses with medium-to-firm density. This is the noted ideal firmness for a good night’s sleep - dense enough that your body will have adequate support and soft enough to comfortably cradle the contours of your body. They also offer all the standard sizes: Single, Super Single, Queen and King. The one exception are the IKEA products as they have their own IKEA Sizes. Click here for a helpful guide from Linen Cupboard that outlines the differences between IKEA and standard sizing.


Their unique sizing can limit your choices for linen and mattress protectors, but IKEA does come with the highest-value warranty. IKEA products are guaranteed for 25 years, whereas Sonno and NeckPro guarantee 10 years. LAVINO’s product warranties depend on the type of mattress you choose - they are ranging from 2-12 years. 


While the video above shows the compression of a memory foam mattress, don’t be fooled into thinking that compact-rolled mattresses are limited to just foam types. NeckPro’s Swizz range are pocket-spring mattresses, while Sonno’s are constructed with a combination of latex and foam. LAVINO offers an array of options including pocket-spring, individual pocket-spring and latex mattresses. IKEA offers the largest range of types including spring, pocket-spring, foam and latex mattresses.


IKEA may seem to be in the lead here, with their jaw-dropping 25 year warranty, large range and famously good value for your ringgit, but it loses major points in regards to the benefits their mattresses can offer you. Furthermore, it is not advisable to have your mattress unchange for more than 12 years because it is not able to provide you the optimum support after that long period of usage. It is important for you to know that our body's needs would change from time and time, we may need a softer feel support at the age of 20 but a firmer feel back support at the age of 30. So, it is advisable to constantly check on your body's needs and upgrade your mattress specs for your good health.


Anyway, the latex mattresses from IKEA still boast the usual benefits of any other latex mattress, and their spring and foam types are lacking in the features department. Here, I’m referring to benefits like being anti-dustmite, antifungal and temperature control. This can affect the level of maintenance required for their mattress products. If you’re considering an IKEA mattress, be sure to consider if the mattress cover is removable as it depends on which product you’re looking at. A feature becoming more and more popular with mattresses is the benefit of minimised partner disturbance. If you’re wondering what that means, it means saying goodbye to accidentally waking your partner when you need to run to the bathroom in the middle of the night or worse still, being woken up when your partner gets up for a midnight tinkle.


Sonno, NeckPro and LAVINO all offer this exciting new feature. In addition, Sonno has the benefit of temperature control and a removable cover. NeckPro’s range are anti-dustmite, removing the need for a removable cover altogether. We’re proud to say that LAVINO wins this battle though. Our NANOFLEXX range are anti-dustmite and antifungal, with minimised partner-disturbance.


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