Is the L-shaped Sofa Perfect For You?

Posted by on August 02, 2019 .

Choosing a sofa for your home is an incredibly important and personal thing. With so many variants, a new homeowner is spoiled for choice. L-shaped sofas, sometimes also referred to as a L-shaped sectional, are everywhere, but are they right for you?


Here’s a couple things to consider:


1. What will you be using the space for?

If you’re planning to lounge around with your feet up, or host an intimate dinner party with friends and family, then you might consider the L-shaped sofa. They are a less formal, but more inviting alternative to a traditional sofa that immediately creates a laid-back vibe. The L-shape makes up the perfect form for placing a coffee table in the middle. Throw in some beautiful pillows, a soft throw and a plush rug and you’ve easily creating a cozy sitting area. The little corner curve allows you pull your feet up and interact at a comfortable angle, rather than confronting the other party directly. If you expect to have a larger group setting (and you have the space), you can easily add a few armchairs around the table for a cosy and inclusive dinner party.



Speaking of space, that’s another important point to consider.


2. How will you be making the best of your space?

Technically, L-shaped sofas do take up a bit more space than traditional sofas but they can bring exceptional value to a smaller space. Its inherent asymmetry allows it to be tucked into a corner, making the most of a room with limited wall space. This is a popular option but they can also be placed in the middle of a room or in other configurations, depending on what you’re trying to achieve. When the L-shaped sofa is used in unconventional ways that’s when it looks the most interesting and exciting. In this sense, you can have a bit of fun playing around with the placement of your L-shaped sofa to find a layout that works best for your home.


For example, it can create enclosure without “eating space”, separating one section from the rest of the space. If your front door opens straight into the living room, you could place the L-shaped sofa in a way that the back of the L-shaped sofa creates a little “corridor” and its extended arm forms a mini “entrance hall”. An L-shaped sofa can also be placed near a window overlooking your beautiful garden or cityscape view. This not only provides you with the best seat in the house, it will also undoubtedly enhance the aesthetic appeal of the entire room.





If you have trouble deciding, you could consider sofas with ottomans so that you can enjoy the flexibility on having just the 3 seaters spacious space OR rest your legs on the movable ottomans to have the spacious laying down comfort feature of an L-shaped sofa. Amazing right? Checkout some samples from LAVINO LAZADA Store like Florence or Basilica. They are both made from sturdy wooden frame and high density foam so that you can fully enjoy the stability comfort with your family or peers at home!  



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