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There’s something incredibly comforting about the aesthetic of Scandinavian-style interiors. All it takes is a leisurely walk through Ikea’s show spaces to be hit by that pure space envy. You want it, but you can’t justify spending all that money to replicate that professionally curated feel. Fortunately, we’re here to help with some quick tips and tricks on how you can finally recreate the gorgeously minimalist and cosy warmth of Nordic living.



To start off, what exactly is Scandinavian style?


The Nordic trend takes its cue from the rapidly growing design scene in Denmark. The concept prioritises function over statement, and affordability over luxury while maintaining understated elegance. Scandinavian homes are welcoming and casual, veering away from formality. The interiors tend to have pale colours, natural materials, clean lines and subtle textures. The use of light is also extremely important - Scandinavian homes are usually filled with muted earth tones and minimal ornamentation. The bright and practical interiors originated from the Danish response to their country’s short days and long nights. Fortunately for us, we’ll be able to enjoy that bright and light feeling all the more in sunny Malaysia.


The biggest advantage of utilising the Scandinavian aesthetic is Malaysia has to do with space. The low-lined, but leggy Scandinavian style furniture makes your space look taller than it really is, while the clean design and elevated bases that exposes the floors extending underneath gives the impression that the room feels more spacious. Additionally, coming home to a bright, uncluttered and comfortable space after spending the day in the wonderfully busy hustle and bustle of the outside world can only do good things for your mental health.



To achieve the muted cosiness of Scandinavian design, the easiest way to inject that Scandinavian magic into your home is to play around with colours and textures. Nordic design inspiration comes from the dark, misty Danish forests. This translates to a lot of subtle, earthy, and cool colours. Think stormy ink blues, steely blue-grays, and muted greens (like teals and gray-greens), offset by gentle and warm colours like stone, wood-browns, off-whites and soft pinks. Lavino’s Perth is perfect to start you off as it comes in a variety of subtle colours like grassy oak, woodlandish teal, and wintery gray. It is also able to transform into a daybed where you can host your friends for a sleepover party! (Read more about Sofa Beds here). The inky blue Donatello and stone gray Alfredo are also beautifully Nordic choices.


If you want a pop of colour, spring-style floral prints are commonly used to inject some cheery colour in Nordic-styled spaces. Inject some whimsy into your decor by opting for big 60s style prints a la Marimekko, or take inspiration from Josef Frank’s smaller, more colourful, also doodle-like prints. (f.y.i. Marimekko and Frank are both very notable, and very Scandinavian textile designers.) Within the subtlety of all the muted colours, textures are really allowed to shine by providing points of interest and depth. It helps to soften the clean lines and contribute to making the space feel comfortable and warm.



See? Instant fuzzies.


Truly Scandinavian spaces always have wooden floors, usually light-coloured wood, in all rooms except the bathroom. In furnishings, unvarnished woods paired with autumnal colours and wool-like rugs create a welcoming and relaxed space. Sofas like Lavino’s Alfredo and Elianto range, with their naturally light wooden straight legs, are an easy way to instantly incorporate wood into your space. If you already have wooden floors, the taupe legs of Lavino’s Perth can provide an interesting contrast to your space.


Surround yourself with soft fabrics, natural materials and handcrafted objects. Textures are the key to achieving ‘hygge’ (pronounced hoo-gah): the Danish term that means cosiness. It’s the principle that encourages the recognition of the simple moments in life and enjoying togetherness with the people who matter to you.



The velvety Pavel is a perfect option to achieve hygge. It is made from solid wood frame and high density padded foam plus a foundation layer of pocket spring support! Besides being extremely comfortable for you to get excellent rest, this Scandinavian Nordic designed sofa is also wrapped under the exclusive crushed velvet fabric cover, which is pretty similar looking to the natural leather's texture. 2 complementary plush pillows that match well with this sofa design are now available in store too! 


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What are you waiting for? Go forth and create your…


Your dream Scandinavian Nordic home 'baby', that is. 


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