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Furnitures that make you feel at home

Furniture means a movable object used to support various human activities such as sleeping (i.e. beds), seating (i.e. chairs stools, and sofas), and eating (i.e. tables). Some furnitures also used to hold objects at a convenient height for work as horizontal surfaces above the ground (i.e. desks and tables), or to stores items (i.e. cabinets). A house without basic home furniture would not be considered as a home. Besides the fundamental functional role of a furniture, it can also be a decorative piece at home that shows your taste of living. 


Basic Home Furnitures: 


Bed (Mattress and its frame) - Bed is one of the most important furniture because you spent most of the time sleeping at home. Buy yourself a quality mattress can makes you sleep well and feeling energetic the next day whereas bed frame can comes with functionality as well such as extra storage space. Besides mattress and bed frame, you can also opt for night table, dresser and table lamp to suit up your preferred style. 


Bedroom Furniture Category

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Sofa (Can be a combination of sofa and bed) - Sofa usually is the key furniture in a living room (Also called a lounge room) that used for relaxing and socialising. Normally we would pair the sofa with a coffee table so that you can place your books or magazines on top, or an end table that can hold a table lamp. Some would also prefer a floor lamp (Usually that is the case if you have a bigger living room space). Others would be some extra chairs to serve for visiting guests. 


Living Room Furniture Category

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Could be a close or open space for us to dine. It is usually attach to the kitchen for convenience purposes on food preparation and serving. The standard furnitures we have here would be dining table and chairs that come in a set of style. 


Dining Room Furniture Category
















Where can you buy your home furnitures in Malaysia?

CHOICE 1: Furniture Store/ Retail Outlet 

Usually there is a limitation of space hence it would not have too many choices for you to choose. You may have to visit several furniture stores to find your ideal furnitures and if you are not lucky, you may ended up without any suitable option as generally the products be slightly on the high side which exceeding your budget.   


CHOICE 2: Furniture Manufacturer/ Warehouse 

There is a trend where manufacturers will launch a substantial furniture discounts or clearance offers at the end of the year. You can buy quality furnitures directly from their warehouse storages at a lower price as compared to retail outlets. However, these furnitures may have a little manufacturing defects or outdated in terms of design. We recommend you to check on the furniture from inside out before proceed to buy as most of them may not be secured with basic product warranty after purchase.


CHOICE 3: Online Furniture Store 

Here you are at LAVINO.COM.MY Online Furniture Store. Started since 1997 in retail furniture business, we have expanded our reach to online store to allow customers to purchase at anytime and anywhere within a click. Providing you a full range of home furnitures, our mission is to provide you the most valuable products which are much more worthwhile than the price you may have to pay. Also, be rest assured with our 4 KEY PROMISES

  • 14 Days Free Return
  • Lowest Price Matching
  • Free Product Delivery
  • Free Product Warranty


Experience the whole new furniture online shopping now with just a click! 


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