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I love when my space clean and uncluttered. Who doesn’t? A beautiful, clean space makes you feel lighter, more relaxed and more focused.

Then, life happens and the space becomes filled with things that are only used every once in a while. That’s why I love multi-functional products and it seems global consumers agree. Space-saving and multi-functional products are flooding the markets.


Personally, my favourite multi-functional item at home is my sofa bed. My Netflix dates have never been the same. Now that I can just pull it out for some quality cuddles under a blanket with while bingeing Stranger Things on my big screen. Or better yet, with a perfect cuddle buddy for a break from the daily stresses of life (Checkout the 9 Must Watch Netflix Series & Movies in Malaysia here). Couch-surfers and overnight guests are never a problem. I no longer have to search for that spare mattress and bedding because a quick pull and a blanket makes a cosy bed for my guest. Best of all, when it’s all been said and done, I can quickly fold it back up and my living room is back to being as neat and spacious as any other day. It's so easy, it's a Mary Poppins moment. 


When choosing a sofa bed, people will say that it's important to consider if it will primarily be used as a sofa or a bed. For me, I value FLEXIBILITY.


Here are some of my favourite sofa bed options from LAVINO.COM.MY

1. Terre 3-Seater Sofa Bed with Ottoman (Get it from LAVINO Online Store or LAZADA LAVINO Store)

Flexi-No-1: With 6 locking positions in the adjustable headrests, it accommodates all kinds of needs and preferences. The fabric repels water and dust mites so that you or your loved ones are able to enjoy the comfort cozy moment freely and safely without being afraid of spilling off your warm milk. It also made with wooden frame and comes with anti-slip legs! It is firm and sturdy regardless how you lay or sleep on it. All these features ensure a low-maintenance, high-value item, and an exceptionally good choice for homes with children and pets.


What's more? The high density foam cushion gives you a firmer feel of back support especially after a long exhausting day at work. It is enough to relax on for long periods of time without causing aches in the waist and back. Here comes the key-flexibility that I adored the most, it comes with expandable seats and movable ottoman where easily transform into a daybed for spacious comfort sleep! Kind of transformer huh! Well, not to mention the stunning teal colour that makes it an easy statement piece. Undoubtedly, a beautiful addition to any space. 


2. Perth 3-Seater Sofa Bed (Get it from LAVINO Online Store or LAZADA LAVINO Store)

Same flexibility of 2-in-1 sofa-bed function that I can get from LAVINO Terre but slightly lower by height and without the extra plush-firm back support cushion. The most distinctive part of LAVINO Perth that caught my eyes is the scandinavian design with slanted wooden legs. This matches the whole new minimalist theme of my apartment and believe me, it goes so well with a touch of green indoor plant too! (Checkout the 9 indoor plants that you can't kill so easily here  


Simply pull-and-push the sofa back and transform it to a cozy day bed. It is designed with sturdy arm-rest and 3-locking back positions where you can choose your preferred resting angle... again, flexibility! Also made out of water repellent linen fabric so you can enjoy your Netflix with a cup of fizzy coke and popcorn without having too much worry on the after cleaning. An awesome choice of sofa for young and modern living adult like me! ???? Well, if you wish to rest your leg when resting on this perfect couch, you may also consider to pair it with LAVINO Bliss Water Repellent Bean Bag Stool. The outer fabric cover of my recommended matching bean bag stool is removable so that you can refill the inner beans easily as time goes by. 


3. Brooklyn 3-Seater Sofa Bed (Get it from LAVINO Online Store or LAZADA LAVINO Store)    

Flexi-101: Yes! Same flexibility to transform from sofa to day bed but this model is a more affordable option without arm-rest. It has the same scandinavian modern design, slanted wooden legs and water repellent linen fabric as LAVINO Perth but without the comfy arm-rest on both sides of seat. It may not be a suitable option if you are those lazy sloth who used to rest your arm on a platform, but it is defintely a smart choice for entry-level modern apartment living adult. 


What makes it different from Perth is that Brooklyn comes with additional classic buttons design where somehow or rather matches a kind of vintage nolstagia mood of interior design at home. Simply top up a fashionable rug on top to bring out your own statement. Similarly, this model is also able to pair with LAVINO Bliss Water Repellent Bean Bag Stool where you can now rest your feet at least when you are couching overnight for Netflix.    



Well, these are just my preferred options but it could be different from yours! 


Why not start checking out some options from LAVINO.COM.MY or LAZADA LAVINO Store now and enjoy our: 

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  • FREE Product Delivery

  • FREE Product Warranty


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