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In contrast to the minimalistic serenity of Scandinavian interior design we covered last week, that was influenced by the wintery Nordic forests, influences on the Tuscan style comes from the French and Spanish countryside that borders the Meditteranean sea (think cypress and olive trees, grapes grown in vineyards, lusciously golden pears and the beautiful scents and colors of jasmine, rosemary and bougainvillea) and the cultural and artistic sophistication of the Renaissance period.

That’s why Italian style is more about bringing the romance and elegance of the Old World into your home.


Many Tuscan-style enthusiasts will actually renovate their space in order to fulfill some of the style’s more architectural aspects, but this really isn’t necessary for everyone. If you’re looking to bring a warm and rustic appeal to your home, we’re giving you some easy tips this week to achieve that Italian charm in your own space.


The first thing to do is to open up your space with lots of light. Open rooms with minimal furnishings and ample windows and artificial light are hallmarks of Italian design so open up those curtains and let the light in.


If you’re lucky enough to have decorative glass in your windows, they can really become a shining light for your interiors. The Tuscan style embraces these embellishments, so be sure not to hide them away.


Speaking of curtains, the use of fabric textures are a distinctive aspect of Italian style homes. Curtains, along with rugs and cushions, are utilised to bring a cosy atmosphere to the space, but shouldn’t be too heavy. Instead, opt for fabric that will still allow light to pass through.


Italian style is also famous for blurring the lines between the indoors and outdoors. If you have a lovely garden outside, be sure to show it off by pulling back the curtains during the day. Otherwise, the Italians also loved to have large potted plants in their homes. The more dramatic, the better - but this is also left up to your preferences. Any greenery inside the home is sure to bring some of that charming Mediterannean appeal into your space.


The colour palette of the Italian style resonates with much of its influences. It builds on the warm and natural earthy tones of terra-cotta brown or a light cream that reflects the warm Mediterannean climate. These light tone will help to open up the space, making it seem bigger and more spacious than it really is.


Layer colours on top thoughtfully through your furniture and accessories like throw pillows, blankets, and lamps. Shades of green mirror the magnificent cypress trees that line the roads in Tuscany, and the lush foliage of grapevines and olive trees. Rich ochre and deep, golden yellow echo the colors of a Tuscan sunflower field, the ripe fruit on lemon trees and the warm Tuscan sun. Cobalt blue reflects the serenity of the sea and sky, while deep burgundy brings to mind the sweetness of the fine red wine.


When it comes to furniture, Italian design mixes contemporary and rustic style. It favours wooden and metal frames and makes use of vintage furniture pieces. However, these types of pieces can be quite expensive, and is not totally necessary. Instead, look for light coloured furniture that maintains harmony within your interiors.


Lavino’s Siena, Sitine and Ducal sofas are some wonderful options to consider. The muted colours offer the flexibility to suit your current furnishings, while the beautiful velvet fabric brings a soft texture into the space and are reminiscent of the stucco walls of authentic Tuscan architecture.


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