What to consider when buying a furniture?

Posted by on May 24, 2019 .

buy furniture guideline

Furniture is not just a decorative piece but also a functional piece that could affects your health and living lifestyle. Some people may feel regret after purchase because the selected furnitures are not suitable for their house. Although it sounds like a challenging task but... Calm down bro! we have made it easy for you by summarising the key checklist in 6 points below:


Ask yourself, why do you need this furniture?

It is essential to identify and understand your needs before purchasing a furniture. Where do you need it? Why do you need it? How much is your budget? How about your partner's preference (If you are sharing the furniture usage with your loved ones). These are some basic questions that you may need to ask yourself to have a preliminery understanding about your situation and needs before selecting the furniture design.



What is your preferred style?

Classic wood or modern scandinavian feel? Knowing your preferred style will helps you to narrow down the choice of selection. You may also want to consider the interior design of your house such as wall colour, lighting mood, power points...etc. so that you nail down the right fit. Well, the hottest trend in town now would be the simple yet elegant nordic design where you will spot some identical elements such as wooden legs (For table or sofa) with pastel warm colour fabric cover. 



Checkout the product quality, does it comes with warranty? 

Furniture’s quality is essential to any discerning buyer. You will notice the difference of price although two furnitures look the same. Take sofa as example, although they may have identical outlook design but as you explore further, you might realise some significant differences in terms of the sofa construction, comfort level, stitches quality and more... Sit back, chill and be rest assured with our 14 Days Free Return promise from LAVINO.COM.MY. 



Don't underestimate the type of woods

How do you choose a good wooden furniture? It has great demand in Asia due to our tropicana weather in nature. A good solid wooden furniture would gives your home a classic touch with natural beauty. It is always important to check on the sturdiness of the furniture, for example if there is proper alignment at the doors and drawers before deciding to buy or accepting the purchased goods. You may also touch the wood surface with your hand to check if there is any imperfection cut, they should feel sleek and smooth without any rough patches.



Move on to the type of fabrics

Normally you would choose the sofa design based on the outer look such as fabric pattern but how well do you understand the type of fabrics and their quality? It is advisable to choose some functionality types of fabric including Anti-dustmites, Anti-bacteria or Waterproof for healthy living and easy maintenance purposes. Also, it would be great to understand that some fabrics are prone to wrinkling and entanglement, and may not be able to withstand heavy usage.



Lastly, avoid these common mistakes!

Choosing and buying home furnitures should be a fun process because it is where you build your own comfort nest after a long exhausting day at work. Hence, don’t be affected by some common mistakes such as forgetting to measure the available space and bought an unfit furniture, or chosen a furniture that is not practical for the users. It would also be great to have the furniture that comes with FREE installation to avoid any potential errors during installation.



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